Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Pilot And When He Flew Into My Life Pt.1

The thing that I never really explained to anybody except the few people close to me and not even my own parents, really (and I'll dive into that in a moment), was how exactly The Pilot flew into my life and completely turned it upside down and forever stole the affections of my dog in the process.

You see, we met online. Yup, we met on a popular free dating site. Even just saying that sends a bad taste in my mouth and makes me want to hid under my desk and hide away for the rest of the year rocking back and forth while some motherly figure soothingly strokes my hair and feeds me delicious soup or something. It just fills me with an overwhelming sense of "loser hood". Like, only dorks or unlikeable people find love or some form of it online and I've always been slightly ashamed of it.

Whenever my parents would ask (and they still do, trust me) I always flippantly give them a "oh, we met through friends" and luckily my parents have never really asked "Oh, what friend" because they don't really know anyone I know up here in this town. Which is luck, just right there.

The main reason that brought me onto that dating site was the fact that I was dumped two months previous and I was miserable. Because getting dumped does that to a person. I spent at least two days rocking back and froth not knowing what to do because despite the fact that I knew the year long relationship was crumbling to the ground and it was only a matter of time before it ended I kind of tried to pretend it wasn't and just thought of rainbows and cute puppies instead.

But that's what happens when (due to various reasons at the time like getting diagnosed with Bells Palsy) I had become an emotionally, needy grabby handed person that needed to be coddled all the time because, hell, I had a frozen face and probably wasn't ever going to have it cured but when it went away and I was fine again I still needed to be coddled because I was wallowing in the "Woe is me, why is this happening to me?" sort of mind-set.

Heck, I would have dumped myself. Or punched myself in my theoretical girl nuts and told me to suck it up and walk it of while not being a pansy. Once I stopped rocking enough and let my little sister in on my woes she told me, "Why not join a dating site? Everyone is doing it these days."

And I sort of dug my heels in for a little bit because the idea was just embarrassing. Was I not a hip enough cat to meet people face to face or in a strange social setting in person that I now had to resort to like online dating?

Then I sort of decided to do it after hemming and hawing over it because I realized what type of town I lived in and I'd probably get stabbed by someone first before I ever got to the phase of asking them what they did for a living and what type of hobbies they enjoyed doing. Stabbing people, apparently.

With my profile made and pictures loaded to said profile and with what I managed to fill out my "About Me" section with something I thought was super witty and not all cheesy like those old "Lady Friend Wanted Ads" found in the back of old newspapers, I joined the world of online dating.

And it was from there that I eventually met The Pilot.....

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