Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vote Or She WILL Kill You.

I'm sending this blog post on behalf of Womb Mate who has alerted me to the fact that if I didn't share it and if y'all didn't vote, she would kill all of us. And after knowing her for all of her life, she will do it. She'll straight up murder y'all.

She entered my Nephew, the adorable devil, into some contest about who has the cutest dirty kid and you can possibly win some money for it and she promised me that if she won the money she'd, y'know, not throw some of it my way so I'll get to karate chop her in the uterus sometime in the future for not sharing. And that would be freakin' sweet.

And so far the winner of it is some stinky old kid doing nothing cute at all because they are old and not baby cute.

My Nephew? He's baby cute.

So go vote here.


Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Because I'm Drunk Doesn't Mean I Still Don't Care.

So, it seems again I am writing another blog post about how "I'm still alive, just too cool to hang out with you blog people because I HAVE A LIFE!" and y'know what? Even I am getting sick of it.

I should really be posting here more because my life is pretty exciting right now. Like, did I mention that I won some money to make a Short Horror Film for a festival? OF COURSE I DIDN'T! Because I've been neglecting telling these stories.

Y'all should really add me to facebook because I always talk there about the cool shit going on.

Right now I'm on summer break from school and you know what I did? I went and hung out with a baby for almost a week. Well, I'm still hanging out with a baby. Womb Mate's baby who is now a year old and just a monster. But a loveable monster who shrieks and points and wobbles around on his fat legs like a belligerent drunk.

I also most likely got a job editing professionally. How did I manage to pull that off? BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. And I sent a lot of emails. A lot of emails.

I'm going to start posting more (I know, I know, I said this a lot already) and update what is going on in Film School and my life.

I promise.

And I may or may not be lying on that promise. WE SHALL SEE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Most Important Meal Of The Day. And Time Travel

Presenting one of the projects two fellow students and myself handed in yesterday. It blew away the other projects and left our Department Head a quivering puddle of goo in the corner. I've got to say, I'm never doing a Time Travel story again WITHOUT identical twins. That shit is fucking hard.

Also, the two Film Students and I have created a film collective called DED JEREMY. It's where we will be posting group projects for school and outside of school.

We have a youtube account. You should probably suscribe too.

We also have Twitter and sometimes witty banter on it. You should probably follow it.

We also have a Facebook that you should probably like and help us take over the world.

Check them out and show the love! Or the hate. We'll take that too. After all, we're desperate Film Students.

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