200th Follower Give-Away

I've got a passion and it isn't for fashion, or an overly large penis, or even a vagina that is sparkling and beautiful and can make the most sensitive amongst us to weep in joy when they see it. No, it's for


And no, I did not just say 200 large wangs flapping in the wind or 200 small baby puppy angels to suddenly do a good deed by helping a poor orphan girl to get their wings while at the same time being an asshole to try and live again.

200 followers will make me feel good about my efforts in blogging and do you know what that means?

It means that when I get to 200 followers I will have a giveaway.

The 200th follower will get a $100 gift certificate to either iTunes or Amazon (Which one of your choice) while two lucky other followers will be randomly drawn to each receive a $50 gift certificate from either iTunes or Amazon.

Do you know what that means? It's 200 DOLLARS WORTH OF GIVEAWAYS! Right out of my own pocket into your pockets!

Draws will take place the moment I have 200 followers or more. To get the prize you need to send me a screen shot of you being the 200th follower. The two following giveaways will be handed out the same time the 200th follower will be announced.

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