Thursday, January 10, 2013

You Should Give Me Money

I know Christmas is over and everyone is all "Meh, Charity sucks balls and since Santa isn't around to guilt me into helping anyone I'm going to say FUCK YOU to all Charity and sleep until next Christmas!" and I get that, I'm like that too.

I'd sooner punch someone in the nuts then think about Christmas Charity.

But, my birthday is coming up this Saturday and I'm going to be old as balls (Read as 25) and you know what would be a great birthday gift?

If you head over to and pay for me to write you something! Or, make you a movie trailer.


Because, you know, I like to eat and you need money to eat.

And you guys love me, right?



  1. Well, Fiverr is the weirdest website I have seen in a while.


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