Blogs are sort of like drugs, you know? Once you try your first one you can't stop. You just need more, and more, and more until you find yourself in the back alley giving your first blow job to help you find your next fix. And then you die, most likely, in a drug bust gone bad because that person you gave your first blow job too? Yeah, totally a cop.

This isn't my first blog and I'm pretty sure it's this blog that will lead me in that back alley giving an undercover cop a blow-y and I'm OK with that.

In my experience, I found blogging about life is the easiest thing because you live it everyday and when you are lazy like me it makes it easy. That's why I find myself blogging about life with my asshole dog who thinks it's his right to be an overly emotional suck bag and my Fiance who thinks it's his right in life to be an overly emotional suck bag when the ever the dog starts being a baby.

This is what my blog is about -- my life.

And a lot of jokes about poop.

Just sayin'.
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