Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Most Important Meal Of The Day. And Time Travel

Presenting one of the projects two fellow students and myself handed in yesterday. It blew away the other projects and left our Department Head a quivering puddle of goo in the corner. I've got to say, I'm never doing a Time Travel story again WITHOUT identical twins. That shit is fucking hard.

Also, the two Film Students and I have created a film collective called DED JEREMY. It's where we will be posting group projects for school and outside of school.

We have a youtube account. You should probably suscribe too.

We also have Twitter and sometimes witty banter on it. You should probably follow it.

We also have a Facebook that you should probably like and help us take over the world.

Check them out and show the love! Or the hate. We'll take that too. After all, we're desperate Film Students.

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