Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Because I'm Drunk Doesn't Mean I Still Don't Care.

So, it seems again I am writing another blog post about how "I'm still alive, just too cool to hang out with you blog people because I HAVE A LIFE!" and y'know what? Even I am getting sick of it.

I should really be posting here more because my life is pretty exciting right now. Like, did I mention that I won some money to make a Short Horror Film for a festival? OF COURSE I DIDN'T! Because I've been neglecting telling these stories.

Y'all should really add me to facebook because I always talk there about the cool shit going on.

Right now I'm on summer break from school and you know what I did? I went and hung out with a baby for almost a week. Well, I'm still hanging out with a baby. Womb Mate's baby who is now a year old and just a monster. But a loveable monster who shrieks and points and wobbles around on his fat legs like a belligerent drunk.

I also most likely got a job editing professionally. How did I manage to pull that off? BECAUSE I AM AWESOME. And I sent a lot of emails. A lot of emails.

I'm going to start posting more (I know, I know, I said this a lot already) and update what is going on in Film School and my life.

I promise.

And I may or may not be lying on that promise. WE SHALL SEE.


  1. Please don't cancer punch me. Can I seriously add you on FB? Your blog cracks my shit up. Wanna play blogger tag? you're it!

  2. you better vote!!!!!!!!gurlnxtdoor... i have my ways of finding out lol


I once punched a baby kitten and then it died of cancer. The punch might have given it cancer. Comment or I'll punch you in the baby-maker.

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