Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hotels: They Ruin Relationships.

Have you ever found yourself booking a fantastic hotel that is so magically special that it resides in the worlds largest mall, each room is a different theme, and has a giant Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room and suddenly your excitement is turned to soul crushing disappointment because your "better half" decides that the room is far too expensive and that we should stay somewhere cheaper or possibly even sleep in the fancy hotel for one night and then change to a cheaper hotel for the other night and that the reservations should be cancelled a day after they were made and you feel like such a god damn idiot for cancelling you call up your little sister who lives in a different province and ask her to cancel it for you? Yeah, me too.

Or when you try and argue with your "slightly less then better" half about the why it would have been awesome to have had that room and you point out if we sleep in a cheaper place we'd probably get bed bugs and anally probed by mysterious visitors in the middle of the night because he decided to be a "tight wad" and when he asks you who ever would spend four hundred dollars on a hotel for one night and you point out that your little sister did the night she got pregnant and immediately lose the argument due to the whole "baby trap" clause that was written into your relationship who knows when? Yeah, me too.

Or that after hours of talking about it you finally win and your boyfriend agrees and says that you can go ahead and rebook the first hotel you cancelled but you just end it with "I don't want to stay there anymore" and somehow find yourself the bad guy in the situation? Yeah, me too.

Needless to say we will probably be sleeping in the back of the vehicle when we travel to Edmonton tomorrow. To make it even awkward we are bringing The Pilot's Gay Husband with us.

That's a threesome I never thought I'd have to be involved in.



  1. We stayed in this hotel the night of our wedding that we thought was going to be super special because it had a jacuzzi tub in it and everything.

    We got there and I was immediately grossed out. The bed was comfy, though.

  2. Haha, I ALWAYS find myself in that situation. =P

    I've wanted to stay at the rooms in WEM since I was little, but in a way, some of them look so tacky... the idea turns me off now. Which room were you looking at?

    I'm so glad I found you, by the way. It's so neat to hear Canada stories in general, but Alberta stories? Yes. <3

  3. lool! why did u say No when he finally agreed to stay at the fancy hotel?

  4. i believe i am familiar with the 'tightwad' clan of men.


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