Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I've Got The Smoothest Movies Since Sliced Bread

(Start Scene: The Pilot and Tristachio curled up on the couch watching terrible television. )
The Pilot: You have no idea how comfortable I am right now. Snuggling up to you is the best thing I could ever be doing with my time.
(Both parties go silent. Commercials roll.)
The Pilot: What are you thinking about?
Tristachio: Uh...honestly?
The Pilot: C'mon, you can tell me.
Tristachio: You know how red necks put cars with no wheels up on cinder blocks in their front yard? Imagine that done with a BOAT! How cool would that be?
The Pilot: ....
Tristachio: If I had a boat, I'd do that.
The Pilot: ....
Tristachio: What were you thinking about?
The Pilot: I was thinking about how nice it would have been to kiss you but you were thinking about Boats on Cinder blocks.
Tristachio: I'm just that radical.
The Pilot: I'm not kissing you now. You've ruined the moment.
Tristachio: And you're not allowed on my boat. You god damn boat racist.
(End Scene)

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  1. As I've said once are so romantic. :P


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