Friday, April 1, 2011

A Dramatic Reading Of A Sexy Pirate Story 2

It's Friday? Why, yes, I think it is. And that means another Dramatic Reading of Pirates of Desire! Heck yeah, and this part starts to get steamy what with boobs, and nightgowns, and lady parts springing out into the open. Just HOT.

Please excuse that mess of hair because I literally just rolled out of bed and then filmed this because I'm that industrious and decided that I should do a Vlog instead of paying my rent right away. No one can say that I've got my priorities in order.

There is also a small part where you can hear Bowie squeaking on his damn fox and it's all "Squeak, squeak, squeak" like a douchebag and I have a moment that reminds me of being a teenager when you are all like "Ahhhhh, oh my god!" and roll your eyes as if someone had just done the worst thing in the world and greatly offended you. Which that dog does all damn day.


  1. This is amusing and all, but it seems like something's missing...

    Now, where's that fairy at?

  2. My dog squeaks her toy like that ALL FUCKING NIGHT. On the last vlog I did, people pointed out that she had been squeaking it through the whole video and I didn't even notice because that happens ALL THE GODDAMN TIME.

    Also, I've been trying to order one of those books but the website is down. :(

  3. HAHA "boobies about to be unleashed"

    Your voices for the different characters CRACK. ME. UP!


    your accent makes me giggle x


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