Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Should Have Paid More Attention In Sensitivity Training

Co-Worker: WOW

Me: What?

Co-Worker: Old Worker is odd!

Me: why?

Co-Worker:  He Just is.

Me:because he's going to corner you one day and then wear your face?

Co-Worker: Probably, he seems like the serial killer type.

Me: and then he will win best you lookalike contest

Co-Worker:  ....

Me: and probably get like 10 bucks because that's what that contest would be worth and then he'd be all in prison and at group therapy he'd be "I can't believe I killed someone for ten measly dollars" and then cry. he's pretty much that odd

Co-Worker: Ya, pretty much. I can't believe he's a trainer.

Me: they should do a "will you potentially kill your co-workers" test before hiring anyone.

Co-Worker: i cant imagine how awkward that training session would go...

Me: I'm sure those training sessions end with the HR lady holding a doll and saying "Show us where the bad man trained you" sort of dealio. So I would say pretty awesome.


  1. I'm assuming you work with a sitcom worthy cast of characters. I bet Leatherface has an interesting backstory.

  2. Or, you should be the head of HR. They may think it, but you will say it. And what's a better candidate for HR than someone who isn't afraid to take a few risks- verbally?


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