Monday, April 4, 2011

The Game of Life & How I Utterly Ruined It

Top Ten Reasons How I Ruined The Game of Life

1) When another player draws "Entertainer" as their career it is not considered Kosher to continually refer to the player as "Hooker", "Whore", and "Over priced Slut".

2) Whenever imagining the little people pegs talk they all have "Asian" accents.

3) To avoid having to pay any money in a lawsuit sell one of the children pegs from in my car.

4) Proclaiming "You dirty slut face" each time other player happens to get ahead.

5) When other player lands on "Pay for Family Physical" claim their family had to be "tested for STDs because their mom is a whore".

6) Refer to the other players vehicle as "The Whore Mobile"

7) Deciding that each time we play it's "Generational Rules" thus despite being a doctor other players person will still be referred to as "Dirty Whore" because it's in their blood.

8) Use the middle of the board game as a place to hold my dinner plate during the game.

9) Breaking the spinner.

10) Insisting on the most epic game of life ever by forcing our two peg people to marry each other only to realize halfway through the game our two peg people are, in fact, brother and sister because the female peg was the child my male pegs' parents sold to avoid a lawsuit thus ensuring that all the children in the car would be mutant flipper babies


  1. lool! i had that game like 5 yrs ago. wonder what happened to it?lol

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