Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Coyote Sings I Wanna Be Bad

Last month I happened to stumble on something at once extremely stupid yet fantastically awesome because it involved a large group of people potentially embarrassing themselves by singing songs to their computers, recording it and having random strangers post it in the Internet for others to laugh at, or sing along with. Or maybe they'll even punch the computer in a massive roid rage because the person who is singing is ten times better then what they could sing and it just shows that jealousy is a terrible thing and the only cure is punching.

Despite the fact that when I sing male cats probably think it's a female cat in heart  I signed up to do it. Why? Because I'm stupid.

The person I have the chance to host happens to be Coyote Rose over at Dancing On The Bar of Life. It was the first time I have ever stumbled across her blog and I immediately found out that she's a super duper History Buff and blatantly throws that around on twitter and documents it in a hilarious way and the rest of her blog is just pure gold.

Her video is pure gold too. She sings and she dances and it makes me want to flip my desk in a rage because I'm so jealous I want to start punching her in the face. Maybe, kinda of, not really. (I swear I wont punch you in the face Coyote Rose!)

She is also singing Willia Ford "I Wanna Be Bad".

Oh, and the horrendously stupid video I did? That will be posted over at Jes Getting Started and all I can really say is, god help that poor girl when she looks at my video. She'll probably weep and then punch herself in the face not out of jealous but out of the need to make me stop singing.


  1. oooh she isnt even messing around..i definitely wanted to punch her in jealousy! :p just kidding!

  2. Holy shit, gurrrrl, you are hawt!! I desperately want to go clubbing with you, hahaha!! Nice job, as always!

  3. You really shook your groove thang!! Nice! :)

  4. Why does everyone want to punch me in the face? I mean its not like i can sing, i use the dancing to mask that!

  5. Fuck dude! You didn't do flagpole sitta?
    Mock you, I do. Mock--mock!
    And then you started dancing and I was, yeah!

  6. Remember that conversation we had yesterday about me standing at the club in Chicago while you dance in circles around me?

    Yeah, that still stands.

  7. HAHA oh my goodness, I forgot about this song!! I'm pretty sure I have it on Totally Hits 2001 or something hahaha. Your dance moves are AH-MAZING, and is that a romper? 'Cause it's adorable and I want it to dance sexily in.

  8. You're pretty much amazing! Just saying! I wish I could dance all sexy like you! I need to learn to move my hips.

  9. Ooooh, man. I can't mock you AT ALL! I have such a soft spot for girl band type songs. I even have one of the Play cds. They have a song called "I Must Not Chase the Boys" on it...Haha.

  10. I need your moves and your confidence. You just totally rocked my world.


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