Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pillow Talk

(Conversation between The Pilot, the man I've decided to attach the rest of my life too, and myself after watching the last Harry Potter movie. In Bed.)

The Pilot: I wish I new Kung-Fu Karate Ninja stuff.

Me: Why?

The Pilot: So I can beat up anyone I want and ask questions with my closed fist and gets answers in blood.

Me: Who would you beat up?

The Pilot: All those annoying people in the theatre. Like, those parents that made out and let their four year old run around wild at a movie that started at ten at night. Or those people next to us who whispered loudly throughout the whole movie.

Me: I can get behind that.

The Pilot: I'd use my powers for good and just take down the people everyone wants to beat up but can't. Because they don't have super Kung-Fu Karate Ninja stuff.

Me: So, you'd be a superhero fighting for Justice?

The Pilot: Yeah, I'll be beating up all the rude and inconsiderate people and all the people I just want to beat up just because.

Me: So, basically your idea of Justice is whoever annoys you at the moment.

The Pilot: Sort of. Maybe?

Me: That makes you a Supervillian. A dickish Supervillian who's idea of Justice changes depending on your own level of annoyance.

The Pilot: Why are you trying to ruin this for me?

Me: I'm not, I'm just pointing out the holes in your dream.

The Pilot: OK....maybe I'd be a Supervillian.

Me: Now, that's a dream I can get behind.

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