Friday, August 26, 2011

And Then There Was Baby

You know how earlier I was following my Womb Mate around while she was going through labour and blaming Jesus and Google for lying to her about what childbirth was like and if we all didn't feel sympathy for her because it's hard to pee while contracting?

Well, she finally gave birth on Wednesday to my Nephew. He is simply the cutest, coolest baby in the world and after he was born all other babies probably turned ugly, grew a third eye, and spewed acid because he's just the best.

I am tempted to call him The Baconator because his middle name may or may not share the same name as the dude who sold his food to people wanting to buy hamburgers for a ginger haired hell-spawn daughter. You know that restaurant, right?

I am extremely pickled to be an Auntie and did I mention that your baby is now ugly because of my Nephew? Because it is.

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