Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's Funny Because The Punchline Is About Kids Getting Beat Up By An Old Dude

You remember that old movie about the kid who used to live in New Jersey but then his mom got this super awesome job offer that was totally kick ass but really not because she just got to be a waitress in California so they moved all the way there and he suddenly didn't have any friends and the friends he did make weren't really friends at all because they wanted to beat him up?

But suddenly out of nowhere this creepy old guy who is supposed to be the handy-man but doesn't do much of anything but judge saves him from getting gang beat by a bunch of kids ready to go off to college and it starts off a great friendship full of forced labour and a few karate chops along the way?

I think it was called The-Kid-Who-Kinda-New-Karate-And-Three-Hours-Later-He-Was-An-Expert Kid.

I recently watched the other one where the kids' mom gets a job in China so they go around the world only for him to make friends that want to beat him up because he's Will Smiths' son and suddenly a weird guy who is in charge of fixing things in apartment buildings shows up out of nowhere and saves him from getting gang beat by a bunch of angry ten year olds.

I think that one was called Jackie-Chan-Brutally-Rampages-Against-Little-Kids.

Basically it was funny because he beat up on ten year olds.

And basically this post was a thinly veiled "I didn't have anything to write about today so I just came up with this one and then all of a sudden I'm going to distract you with advertising my giveaway, again."

So why not enter my giveaway before Jackie Chan throat chops your ten year old?

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  1. that's funny my blog today had a karate kid fact in it too. (old school Karate kid though)


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