Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Bet My Plane Will Change It's Mind & Crash Itself Because It Doesn't Want To Fly Anymore Too

You know, I had big plans for this week on this blog and it basically all revolved around re-telling stories that happened at my parents cabin while I was on vacation and boy-howdy are they some fantastic stories that would have knocked your socks off but then work had to do something that totally knocked my socks off and not in a good way and all my plans went out that window.
Well, sort of out the window. I sit in a cubicle so I don’t really have windows.
After spending my first day back at work yesterday after being on vacation I go through my 300 or so emails and find all these confusing emails that basically tell me that I have to have my ass sitting on a plane seat June 1st on my way to Calgary, Alberta for training. Oh, and I’ve got to do a lot of pre-work to be prepared for this training. Awesome!
But then, as soon as I get excited that I’m going to Calgary, bitches, a flurry of activity happens and the powers that be decided that No, I’m not going to Calgary and if my ass in on that plane that has already been paid for and tickets have already been booked then somebody is going to get their backdoor busted in.
But wait! Shortly after that is said I’m told that I better be on that plane and have everything ready because I am going to Calgary but before I can even get my head around that I’m suddenly not going to Calgary and I should just turf any effort I put into being prepared for this training.
But wait! Before I can even think about not doing any of the pre-work, I am told that yes I’m going to Calgary and that’s the last thing ever being said about it and hey, guess what? In two weeks I Get! To! Go! Back!
It was as if my work was suffering from Bi-Polar disorder and couldn’t make up it’s mind about what it wanted and now suddenly I guess I am going to Calgary and for another day my re-telling of those really funny stories that will totally rock your socks off will have to be put on hold until sometime tomorrow, but hey, for consolation here is a picture of me rocking the worlds’ hottest beard.


  1. That's sounds incredibly stressful, yet whimsical.

  2. Awesome beard.

  3. I am awkwardly attracted to that beard.
    I wish I was going to Calgary!
    I hope your plane doesn't crash.(Also, please don't wear the beard when you board.)


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