Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Well, This Makes Living In A Heroin Den More Awesome.

I found this hilarious exchange while attempting to do my laundry today. Funny thing is, I think that was my mess I made a week ago and didn't bother to clean up. Why? Because I'm living in a heroin den and there was no paper towel in the laundry room. And, really, I live in a heroin den.


  1. Your place of residence is so much more entertaining than mine.

  2. "We are all adults here..."
    Um...correct me if I am wrong, but adults don't usually write on the front of washing machines....surely a postit would have been enough!?

  3. I love passive aggressive notes. I love passive aggressive notes on the washing machine even more.

  4. Is the second person saying I do it, or did they misspell idiot?

    1. I think they misspelled idiot. Either for comic effect or just stupidity.


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