Monday, May 7, 2012

Shit Son, This Is Hard

I have to admit it was tons easier having a blog when I had a job that didn't entail that I actually had to do a lot so I was able to dick around on the Internet and just make up blog posts to entertain myself. But, now? I actually have shit to do and it's hard to keep up with this because like, I'm busy.

But the funny thing is really awesome things are happening in my life right now and it should be the time that I am blogging about it and being "Shit yeah, son, this is awesome!" and then bragging to all the people on the internet about it.

Like, I should be bragging about how one of Canada's television providers/stations decided to give me and two others our own talk show to be in charge of because we're just that mind blowingly awesome? Or, maybe one of the guys blew a lot of people to give us this chance but I don't care! We got this chance.

Or about how I get to work on a movie set that is populated by television starlets from 90210 or Gossip Girl? Not that I really watch any of those shows. Okay, my friend might watch 90210 every now and then but I don't.

Or about how The Pilot almost applied to a sex shop that had a deceptive name called "The Wild Kingdom" which he thought was a pet store and I thought was an outdoor adventure park but it ended up being full of dildos and fake vaginas.


  1. I am glad you are busy because that was one hell of a post! :) Well done on all your accomplishments and good luck in all your endeavors! Love Elle xo

  2. You're gonna be in charge of a talk show? TV isn't gonna know what the hell happened!

  3. So did he get the job?

  4. Tell us the show, so we can all watch!


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