Monday, May 2, 2011

Oh That Bounce In Her Hair? Yeah, That's From Farts.

Ever wonder what you could do to fix your flat, dull hair and make it something beautiful and luxurious enough that everyone will be so envious of your bouncy locks that eventually they will stalk you to your place of work, living or pooping and stab you to death while they frantically try and get you to divulge your beauty secrets?

Yeah, I know you do, and the only way to get those locks is from a Brazilian. A Brazilian Blow-out.

I'm just saying that before you click that link to find out this beauty secret I'm pretty sure my Womb Mate might swear by but I wont ever know until she divulges her secret while I frantically stab her too death, I suggest you probably don't ever look at that thing when anyone is in the room and anyone who might not like anything gross at all ever. In fact, you probably shouldn't look at it yourself but since you don't have a shank to stab someone to get their beauty are probably going to have to look at it.

1 comment:

  1. Oh damn! Curiosity always gets the best of me...


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