Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Have The Intranet Again! So Here Is A Video Of My Sister Dancing.

All this week my internet has been super gay and instead of, you know, working how it should it probably decided to take a vacation and go get drunk in a gay bar and ended up going home with a stupidly goodlooking guy and they ended up having sex all week and only when they had a fight and broke up did the internet come back to me sobbing and wondering why no one will ever love it but me.

Or...techinical difficulties. Whichever one is more cool. And flamboyant.

To celebrate and for the fact I have done just about nothing all week and have some things to edit and get done for next week here is a video I made last Thanksgiving of my Womb-mate dancing around and being an idiot. You know, before she was pregnant and was able to drink and dance around like an idiot.


  1. Funny stuff, girl! I like your writing style.

  2. I can't see the video, but I am positive that it is amazing! You should ask the internet if it saw my cell phones notification noises at the gay bar, they seem to have run off as well.

  3. That does it! I insist we be Facebook friends so I can see this video. Also because you're more awesome than anyone.


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