Monday, March 26, 2012

It's Like I'm In A Time Warp. And Then I Dance.

The month of April has been going by at a nearly insane pace and each morning I wake up and go "Where the fuck am I, what day is it, and can I go back to sleep please?" because that's all I have been doing since moving here. Sleeping. Staying up late. And watching My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because friendship is really magic and fuck you, I watch what I want.

I know what is happening to me is a profound sense of aimlessness and a habit of whimsy that guides my life whenever I don't have work or school or anything to keep my time occupied.

Last time this happened to me I got addicted to watching Maury and my DVR was overloaded with episodes that I had to obsessively watch or else the world would fucking end and no one would know who their baby daddy was. And I just couldn't have that burden on me.

It got to the point that The Pilot would call me up from his work and say "You better not be watching Maury. You promised you'd do laundry and clean and not watch it. Are you watching it right now? Is that Maury's voice that I hear? DO NOT HANG UP ON M-----" and I never caught what he would say because I'd hang up on him because I had so much cleaning to do.

And then finally my three week vacation of just sitting at home ended and I was forced to give up Maury and go back to work and that was the end.

Now, my aimless time of just being a vagrant asshole bum is coming to an end because next Monday I will be starting school and, you know, doing school things.

But it's hard to now suddenly give up this waste of space life I have become accustomed too this last month and I'm going to have to force myself to get into a proper sleeping pattern, and cut out naps, and cut out not doing anything, and start being focused on what I need to do. know, after this next My Little Pony episode because I fucking need to know if those ponies get their cutie marks.


  1. How are you living in April and I'm still in March? Am I missing something? Also, Maury is the best. Tristachio, you ARE the father!! *GASP!*

    1. Yes, I have time traveled TO THE FUTURE! Or, have been stagnant for so long that I've been unable to properly read a calender.

    2. I want your time traveling super power.

  2. It is so difficult to get out of the do-nothing routine and start moving again. I just had a month off school and had to start up again this week. My brain is not cooperating.

  3. If it's April, then I'm in big trouble with the taxman!


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