Friday, March 30, 2012

I Was In Jor Mom & I Left A Baby

Sometimes amazing things happen and sometimes those amazing things are only more so amazing because suddenly, BAM, I'm a part of that amazing thing and this is one of those times.

Two people came together and started making out with their voices and created this podcast called "Jor Mom" and on the first episode they happened to talk about my greatness and for their third episode they broke the fourth wall and invited me to be on it. And then I made out with them with my voice and it was just a giant voice orgy.

And this voice orgy? It was great. It was tasty.

So here it is, in all it's amazingness.

To celebrate I almost made the most insane version of Jorge, Jorah & myself to visually prepare the listeners for what is about to happen to them.

But of course it had to be edited a bit because some type of people took fault with what was seen. Because it was just so mind blowingly awesome. Looking at it will impregnate your mom. With my child.

And that's how you have me from a fake step-dad. WIN!

The blog that we covered was No Haikus Ever.

And of course, Gun Genie. The best thing ever to come out of Canada.


  1. This is amazing. Also, how in the fuck did I not know about the gun genie until just now? SCORE, CANADA!


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