Saturday, December 8, 2012

So, I Made This Commercial

So, this one time, I had to make this commercial of this well known product for Film School and during the filming of it, I may or may not been indirectly involved with our Actress losing a layer of skin on her shoulder because one of the men chasing her got too enthusiastic when we told him to tackle her and they missed the grass by an inch and hit the cement instead. And she was bleeding all over and it was really cold and we had her in shorts but figured "Fuck it, we aren't rich, we shouldn't have to provide blankets!" and then she slightly froze until our shoot was over.

And then she later came back to do a pants-less music video for us. She's a trooper.


  1. That actress is a champ. That commercial was pretty good but it would not make me want to buy Axe, because it looks like she's about to be raped by multiple men because she's wearing Axe. Somehow it's okay when a bunch of gorgeous women are chasing down men for wearing Axe but not the opposite. My mom bought me Axe for Women one time because apparently she doesn't know me at all and it smelled soooo bad.

  2. Little bit rapey. Watching this I was like "She's totally ripped off the Lynx ads", then I realised that Lynx is called Axe in your neck of the woods and that was the whole point. Silly me.


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