Monday, June 18, 2012

Just Period All Over The Place. Because I'm A Girl.

It's almost official, I've survived my first three months of Film School. I may have made a Porn commercial and a commercial selling freelance suicide bombers, but I survived.

Apperantly I'm pretty awesome at Film School. Like, I'm so awesome at it I'm pretty sure I've made people jealous with said awesomeness. Or maybe I'm just stupidly full of myself and people have just been telling me that I'm awesome to ensure that I don't start hysterically crying all over the place and spontaneously bleeding because I'm the only girl in this semester of school.

I'm going to be the only girl in this course for the next eighteen months. So, that's something.

After these next few classes, I'll be preoccupied with moving to a new joint that is officially heroin user free but according to the landlord the tenant above us is "Like, super gay. Super, SUPER gay." and I'm like "That's awesome, I'm either going to have a fabulous gay best friend in the upstairs above or the most fabulous enemy neighbor ever."

And then once we're moved, I'm going to be start rolling out some web series with a few of my fellow film students because that's what we do. We make things. Mostly offensive things. But we make things.

So, maybe, watch out for that.

Oh, and I'll blog more.

Yeah, that too.


  1. I will be anxiously awaiting these offensive web series.

  2. Same here. XD
    And I hope your neighbor becomes a friend. It sucks having mean neighbors.

  3. Hooray for non-heroin den living spaces!

  4. I wasn't going to comment, because someone else had already covered the *excited for offensive things* line, but then I saw you were threatening my baby maker and since I'm trying to trick my spouse into knocking me up (in my free time of course) I thought I better at least type SOMETHING.

    Congrats on the film school!

    1. Probably the best comment on the Internet. Ever.

  5. Totally intrigued about your offensive films, are they available to view online?!?

    1. They are! They can be found at


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